Medical Innovation and Technology is a custom medical software development company, the only software outsourcing firm with biomedical, math, technology & subject matter expertise combined. We offer a fixed-scope fixed-price project, a monthly retainer or flexible time & materials option, as well as any combination of the three.

We support a wide range of process and commercial engagement models to ensure that project flow fits our client’s operational and financial objectives:

  • Fixed Price Fixed Scope
    • A classic delivery model which guarantees delivery of a pre-defined set of functionality in a specific time frame
    • Requires significant effort upfront for requirement definition and a rigid change management protocol
    • Can be done in Agile model (contrary to popular vision)
    • Less suitable for projects where requirements are likely to change
  • Dedicated team
    • A team of engineers is assigned to work exclusively on a series of client’s projects
    • Management and reporting duties are shared between client and Medical Innovation and Technology (M.I.T.)
    • Ideal for Agile model
    • Allows for easy integration between M.I.T.’s and client’s in-house development team and infrastructure
    • Allows for a full scope control by the client and provides flexibility to change course as needed
  • Hybrid
    • A dedicated core team focuses on the on-going development and maintenance tasks; demand spikes (one-off projects) use additional staff on either Fixed Price or T&M basis
  • Time and Budget Cap
    • The engagement is split into fixed-time phases (e.g. three-month long) with a fixed not-to-be-exceeded budget; the team works off the task backlog in an Agile manner
    • This option limits the client’s exposure for each phase and provides a natural accountability mechanism – the vendor only gets next phase’s budget allocation if the client is satisfied with current deliverables